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    In-House Atty, Ex-Hartford Mayor Among 22 Conn. Judge Noms

    Attorneys from Halloran & Sage LLP, Faxon Law Group, Brown Paindiris & Scott LLP and other Connecticut firms are among 22 nominees announced Friday for seats on the state trial court's bench, alongside an in-house counsel for The Hartford and nearly a dozen public servants, including a former mayor of the state capital.

  • Christine N. Lindblad.png

    Medica Associate GC Returns To Fox Rothschild

    The former director of litigation for Medica, a nonprofit health plan based in Minnesota, has returned to private practice at Fox Rothschild LLP, where she worked before moving in-house.

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    The Top In-House Hires Of February

    Legal department hires during the shortest month of the year included high-profile appointments at Walgreens, MSG Entertainment and the FBI. Here, Law360 Pulse looks at some of the top in-house announcements from February.

  • stephen-forster.jpg

    Morgan Lewis Adds Otsuka Pharmaceutical Atty In DC

    An in-house attorney for drugmaker Otsuka Pharmaceutical has moved to private practice at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP as a partner in the firm's Washington, D.C., office.

  • james-stern.png

    Compensation For AO Smith GC Climbed To Nearly $3M In 2023

    The longtime general counsel for water heater manufacturer A.O. Smith Corp. saw his compensation package increase by more than $1.1 million in 2023.

  • Voir Dire: Law360 Pulse's Weekly Quiz

    February ended with a bang as BigLaw made moves and the Supreme Court waded into former President Donald Trump’s legal woes. Test your legal news savvy here with Law360 Pulse’s weekly quiz.

  • GC Cheat Sheet: The Hottest Corporate News Of The Week

    The number of class actions targeting companies' boards of directors and allegedly "coercive" bylaw provisions continues to grow, and eight European consumer groups are saying Meta's "consent or pay" choice for customers is a cover-up for obtaining sensitive personal information. These are among the stories in corporate legal news you may have missed in the past week.

  • Tom Christina.png

    18-Year Ogletree Shareholder Named ERIC Legal Group Head

    A longtime Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart PC shareholder has left the firm for a role as executive director of the ERISA Industry Committee's Legal Center, the group announced Friday.

  • John Henson.png

    Former ConsumerAffairs GC Joins Troutman Amin In Calif.

    The former general counsel of ConsumerAffairs has jumped to Irvine, California-based marketing law firm Troutman Amin LLP.

  • 2_up_EPR.png

    EPR's Top Atty Retires, Associate GC To Succeed Him

    The general counsel of Kansas City, Missouri-based real estate investment trust EPR Properties plans to retire at the start of March, with the company's associate general counsel set to take over upon his departure from the firm, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

  • David Zapolsky.png

    Amazon GC Honored For Legal Team's Pro Bono Efforts

    The National Legal Aid & Defender Association announced Thursday that it will honor a former Brooklyn assistant district attorney who now leads the legal department at Amazon, but kept his passion for helping those in need.

  • Election_2024_House_New_York_42359.jpg

    Senate Confirms First Woman To Top IRS Attorney Post

    The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed a former director at EY who previously served as associate chief counsel, international, at the Internal Revenue Service to be the agency's chief counsel, making her the first woman to be confirmed for the role.

  • iStock-491118456.jpg

    Inside BigLaw's 'Tremendous' Hunger For Restructuring Attys

    Even as the economy appears poised to pick up steam in 2024, BigLaw firms are still aggressively adding restructuring capabilities, with a number of recent lateral hires reflecting the glut of work still to be found in the practice area.

  • Photronics GC Sees Comp. Top $2M In 2023

    The top attorney for Photronics Inc., a Connecticut-based semiconductor photomask manufacturer, saw her compensation increase slightly in 2023, pushing it to just over $2 million.

  • Natasha Vij Greiner.png

    SEC Taps Agency Vet To Lead Adviser, Fund Rulemaking Unit

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced Wednesday that an agency veteran currently serving as deputy director of the examinations division will be the new head of its investment management division, which oversees the regulation of investment advisers, mutual funds and certain private fund operators.

  • ethics.jpg

    Gov't Attys Must Mind Confidential Info Or Be DQ'd, ABA Says

    Both current and former government attorneys who take on private clients should look out for instances where their possession of "confidential government information" calls for them to be disqualified from representing a client, according to the latest guidance from the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, released Wednesday.

  • Loretta_Martinez.jpg

    Loyola Marymount Adds Higher Ed Atty For 1st In-House Role

    Los Angeles-based Loyola Marymount University has named as its first-ever senior vice president and general counsel an experienced attorney who has held legal leadership positions at higher education institutions throughout the country.

  • shenai_neena_hi.jpg

    WilmerHale Adds Ex-Medtronic Legal Leader To Its DC Office

    WilmerHale has hired for its Washington, D.C., office an attorney who helped build the global trade legal department at healthcare technology company Medtronic.

  • Novant In-House Attys Want Access To Confidential FTC Info

    Novant Health has asked to tweak a protective order in the Federal Trade Commission's merger challenge regarding its $320 million plan to buy two hospitals in North Carolina, saying the current order designates nearly the entire investigative file confidential and is "unworkable."

  • steve-schnitzer.png

    Alliance Resource Recruits Veteran PE Atty As GC

    Tulsa, Oklahoma-based publicly traded energy company Alliance Resource Partners LP will soon add a new general counsel whose relationship with the company stretches back more than 25 years.

  • Georgia Quinn.jpg

    Ex-Anchorage Digital GC Speaks Out On Leaving Crypto Bank

    The former general counsel for cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage Digital said Tuesday that a continued lack of regulatory clarity for the industry as a whole and the scale of bad actors in the space led her to step down from her role with the digital asset bank late last year.

  • Julie Jacobs.png

    HP Inc.'s General Counsel Earned $6.2M Pay Package In 2023

    HP Inc. legal chief Julie Jacobs raked in a compensation package totaling $6.2 million in 2023, including a $2 million payment for leaving her position at Yahoo Inc. the year before, according to the company's proxy statement submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • John Wirt.png

    Cannabis Company Puts CLO On Unpaid Leave To Cut Costs

    The chief legal officer of Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. has been placed on a mandatory unpaid leave of absence along with the CEO and other employees as part of a rapid cost-cutting effort to save the company, which has been battered by legal expenses, according to recent securities filings.

  • moneyharass.png

    Multiple Female Law Profs Get Bizarre Text Messages

    The FBI is investigating a series of strange, unsolicited text messages sent to female law school professors and students across the country, which complain that "feminism has triumphed" and "women have won the battle of the sexes," before asking to purchase their dirty socks.

  • Judy G. Hamel.png

    Lumentum GC To Retire Once Co. Finds Replacement

    The general counsel for Lumentum Holdings Inc. for nearly the last decade has told the company that she plans to retire once it appoints her successor, according to a Tuesday filing.

Expert Analysis

  • How Generative AI's Growing Memory Affects Lawyers Author Photo

    A new ChatGPT feature that can remember user information across different conversations has broad implications for attorneys, whose most pressing questions for the AI tool are usually based on specific, and large, datasets, says legal tech adviser Eric Wall.

  • A Model For Optimal Legal Tech Investment Strategy Author Photo

    Legal organizations struggling to work out the right technology investment strategy may benefit from using a matrix for legal department efficiency that is based on an understanding of where workloads belong, according to the basic functions and priorities of a corporate legal team, says Sylvain Magdinier at Integreon.

  • Series

    My Nonpracticing Law Job: Recruiter Author Photo

    Self-proclaimed "Lawyer Doula" Danielle Thompson at Major Lindsey shares how she went from Columbia Law School graduate and BigLaw employment associate to a career in legal recruiting — and discovered a passion for advocacy along the way.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Do I Balance Social Activism With My Job? Author Photo

    Corporate attorneys pursuing social justice causes outside of work should consider eight guidelines for finding equilibrium between their beliefs and their professional duties and reputation, say Diedrick Graham, Debra Friedman and Simeon Brier at Cozen O'Connor.

  • Personality Tests And Machine Learning Applications In Law Author Photo

    Mateusz Kulesza at McDonnell Boehnen looks at potential applications of personality testing based on machine learning techniques for law firms, and the implications this shift could have for lawyers, firms and judges, including how it could make the work of judges and other legal decision-makers much more difficult.

  • AI Is Reshaping Lawyering: What To Expect In 2024 Author Photo

    The future of lawyering is not about the wholesale replacement of attorneys by artificial intelligence, but as AI handles more of the routine legal work, the role of lawyers will evolve to be more strategic, requiring the development of competencies beyond traditional legal skills, says Colin Levy at Malbek.

  • Embrace Active Voice In Legal Writing — In Most Cases Author Photo

    Legal writers should strive to craft sentences in the active voice to promote brevity and avoid ambiguities that can spark litigation, but writing in the passive voice is sometimes appropriate — when it's a moral choice and not a grammatical failure, says Diana Simon at the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can I Help Associates Turn Down Work? Author Photo

    Marina Portnova at Lowenstein Sandler discusses what partners can do to aid their associates in setting work-life boundaries, especially around after-hours assignment availability.

  • How AI Legal Research Tools Are Shifting Law Firm Processes Author Photo

    Although artificial intelligence-powered legal research is ushering in a new era of legal practice that augments human expertise with data-driven insights, it is not without challenges involving privacy, ethics and more, so legal professionals should take steps to ensure AI becomes a reliable partner rather than a source of disruption, says Marly Broudie at SocialEyes Communications.

  • Data Source Proliferation Is A Growing E-Discovery Challenge Author Photo

    With the increased usage of collaboration apps and generative artificial intelligence solutions, it's not only important for e-discovery teams to be able to account for hundreds of existing data types today, but they should also be able to add support for new data types quickly — even on the fly if needed, says Oliver Silva at Casepoint.

  • Bracing For A Generative AI Revolution In Law Author Photo

    With many legal professionals starting to explore practical uses of generative artificial intelligence in areas such as research, discovery and legal document development, the fundamental principle of human oversight cannot be underscored enough for it to be successful, say Ty Dedmon at Bradley Arant and Paige Hunt at Lighthouse.

  • Why I Use ChatGPT To Tell Me Things I Already Know Author Photo

    The legal profession is among the most hesitant to adopt ChatGPT because of its proclivity to provide false information as if it were true, but in a wide variety of situations, lawyers can still be aided by information that is only in the right ballpark, says Robert Plotkin at Blueshift IP.

  • Series

    Ask A Mentor: How Can I Use Social Media Responsibly? Author Photo

    Leah Kelman at Herrick Feinstein discusses the importance of reasoned judgment and thoughtful process when it comes to newly admitted attorneys' social media use.

  • Yada, Yada, Yada: The Magic Of 3 In Legal Writing Author Photo

    Attorneys should take a cue from U.S. Supreme Court justices and boil their arguments down to three points in their legal briefs and oral advocacy, as the number three is significant in the way we process information, says Diana Simon at University of Arizona.

  • How Firms Can Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole With Data Security Author Photo

    In order to achieve a robust client data protection posture, law firms should focus on adopting a risk-based approach to security, which can be done by assessing gaps, using that data to gain leadership buy-in for the needed changes, and adopting a dynamic and layered approach, says John Smith at Conversant Group.



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